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ScholarshipsFinal Scholarship Total for the Class of 2014: $19,991,474!

Final Scholarship Total for the Class of 2015: $21,989,736!


2015-2016 Scholarship Newsletters

September- October 2015 Scholarship Newsletter


Upcoming Scholarships

PTSO Scholarship Guidelines


Scholarship Nominations

For most scholarships, you will apply directly to the organization sponsoring the scholarship. However, you must let Mrs. Pierce know if you are interested in any of the scholarships requiring you to be nominated by MRHS. She will contact you if additional information is needed in order for your information to be presented to the scholarship nomination committee. The deadlines to express interest are listed in the information below!

***Be sure to report (bring a copy to guidance) all scholarships to Mrs. Pierce as you receive them even if you do not plan to use them!



As you apply to colleges, please be sure to check the college/university website for a listing of scholarships and deadlines. You will also want to research deadlines for applications, FAFSA information, and check to see if they require the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE. Do not be intimated by the high costs of private colleges. They usually offer more scholarship money that helps offset the cost!



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